Competence is our watch word……not only is it the second paragraph from the Noncommissioned Officer Creed but it is also the paragraph that separates this company from others. We have the skill and the knowledge to ensure this company will be successful.  The company is and will always be ran by Cavalry Men and their families.  


Always strive to be the best and give our customers the best available Cav merchandise on the market.  The products that are purchased here are all original from this site.  Integrity is something we take very serious.  These products are the brain storms of the owners of the company and their ideas become products.  The wide range of products


Various of other companies have tried to be us, but what we are is something we have earned, never given.  Our products are direct reflections of Cavalry Pride. 


Our Mission is to create merchandise for Cavalry Men and Woman, who are proud to have served or that are still serving.  We take great pride in our time served and most importantly our country.